Visibility development aid project

Limited visibility projects

The challenge

MALI, Bamako – NCA funded about 30 development aid projects every year. However, NCA and their local partner organizations had difficulties to visualize this work. Besides the regular reports they were not used to communicate their projects in a readable fashion with high quality images. How to increase their visibility?

Making it fun

The solution

Colleagues and local partner organizations had already enough work on their hands. So another ‘report’ would not work. Therefore something more fun, a ‘best stories competition’, was initiated. NCA guided the partners on how to write an appealing story and what the criteria are for an attractive image. A selection was made together with enthusiastic colleagues, and the prize was hand-made by a local craftsman. The best stories were compiled in a small magazine that could be used by both NCA and the local partner organizations to create awareness about their work.

Great stories

The results

Through this ‘best story competition’ local partner organizations learned how to write a story and how to make high quality pictures about their development aid projects. The selection and compilation of the stories increased the visibility of these projects and as a result news about these projects was spread among the local partner organizations and in the network of NCA.