About me as

a professional

With over twelve years of work experience in the field of International Cooperation of which ten years based in Africa, I have built a strong track record in implementing projects and managing large programs to improve the well being of people in developing countries.

About me as

a source of skills

I have strong facilitation, coordination, reflective, analytical and communication skills. I am a dynamic, creative, stable and pro-active personality. I am fluent in Dutch (mother tongue), English  and French. With my broad profile I can add value to your organization and processes. I can provide advice in the field of International Cooperation and Management, function as an (interim) portfolio/program manager and can serve as a facilitator & coach.

About me as

an academic

For my Master in Governance and Development (Antwerp University, Belgium, Great Distinction) I wrote my master thesis for UNRIC (United Nations Regional Information Centre), and an article was published in the Belgian UN magazine. For my Master in Public Administration (Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Top 10% of class) I wrote my master thesis partly for the Public Forum Institute in Washington DC and for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands. My thesis was selected by the Broker thesis Project in 2009.

About me as

a groundbreaker

In 2014-2015 my husband and I took a sabbatical and traveled the world (Europe, Latin America, North America, Asia). We gave life to two beautiful daughters and are currently living in The Netherlands.

About me as

a stargazer

In the end I want to look back and say ‘damn, I really let my light shine and did my best to contribute to this world.’

That’s why I do what I do.

Enough about me

I would love to meet you in person -live or digital- and get to know about you and
your goals, challenges and dreams.