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Context matters and politics matter when it comes to International Cooperation. In order to ensure that development aid programs work, a variety of elements need to be taken into account. For instance, projects need to be embedded in the local context and supported by the local/regional stakeholders, analysis needs to be done what other organizations are or have been doing on the same subject, and it is important not to do more harm than good when implementing a project. Unfortunately reality shows that organizations often lack the capacity to focus on these aspects.

Project implementation and program management

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With a strong track record of implementing projects, and managing large and complex programs to improve the well-being of people in developing countries, I can draw on a breadth of  experience and expertise when it comes to adapt approaches to suit different contexts and creating innovative solutions for sustainable change. When living in developing countries, I always enjoyed the daily interaction with local people and institutions and so I understand the setting on the ground. My hands-on experience is based on a Master Governance and Development.

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Throughout my career I have been able to build fruitful relationships with actors from other cultures I worked with. This enabled me to become a trusted partner for international development. Through relationships based on trust, I can offer continuity in unstable contexts and contribute my expertise to solutions that are supported by all actors involved.


In the field of International Cooperation, I am specialized in solar energy.

Others about me

  • “Karin is an energetic, focused and open person who was quickly assimilated into the DDP [South African] team.”

    Dr. Rama Naidu
    Executive Director DDP South Africa
  • “Karin has many skills that a development worker needs. She is able to adjust to the context easily and is able to build strong relations with the people around her. I believe that Karin has proactively translated her academic knowledge well in development work and has a positive and realistic approach to work and colleagues.”

    Awudu Zakaria
    Program Manager VSO Ghana
  • “She was an asset and the Department of community development in the Upper East Region of Ghana is still benefitting from what she was able to accomplish.”

    Fati Alhassan
    National Director at Department of Community Development Ghana
  • “Karin has a pleasant and energetic way of working that inspires and motivates people.”

    Rik Haanen
    Chairman of Jacana Business Empowerment Zambia
  • “Mme Karin a toujours été une personne fiable et responsable tant dans son travail que dans ses rapports avec ses collègues.”

    Lassiné Sidibé
    Coordinateur de l’antenne de l'AEN Gao Mali
  • Karin est énergique avec une capacité de voyager dans des zones difficiles d’accès et rurales. Elle a une très bonne capacité d’adaptation et très sociable. Elle fonctionne bien dans des situations de stress.”

    Mohamed Ag Inorene
    Wash Program Advisor NCA Mali

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Management Consulting

Improving your services by creating an optimal structure while using the resources that already exist in your organization.

Portfolio & Program Management (interim)

Creating a clear overview and providing continuity in managing large and complex programs.

Facilitating & Coaching

Creating ownership in the process, ensuring all actors are involved and feel heard.