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Organizations are like organisms, and can be pretty stubborn. Organizations can start leading their own way, and it is difficult to change the direction it is taking. Internal elements, such as miscommunication in the office, destructive group dynamics or simply a lack of capacity, can worsen the situation. The external reality can be challenging too; when new actors come in, when the political situation in the country changes or when headquarters are setting unexpected deadlines. Or if all is going well, but you want to upscale your services: how to go about it?

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With six years of management experience in the non-profit sector I understand the challenges organizations face, especially in unstable countries. In my role as manager I have been able to keep an eye on the strategic long-term issues, and been able to create time in my team to work on these together. I have successfully guided my team towards a different way of working that ensured a smoother functioning of the office, created more motivation among colleagues and increased the quality of our services. This experience is supported by my Master in Public Administration.

Quality with responsibility

Good to know

Often problems consist out of numerous layers and we want to tackle the right one. So finding out what is your core need is essential. Together we can analyze the situation and see what solution fits your context. I have a high sense of responsibility and will ensure that the work will be done in a timely manner.

Others about me

  • “Karin was assigned to advise and assist two of our clients in the areas of organizational development and expansion planning. She has accomplished her assignment to the complete satisfaction of our clients and ourselves. I would like to especially appreciate Karin’s level of professionalism and willingness to deliver high quality service within a tight schedule and challenging environment.”

    Nahom F. Abraham
    Business Development Manager R&D Group
  • “Karin Wilms has impressed me as being a proactive person that can get work done within the set time-frame and ensuring that it is done well. She kept an eye on the more strategic issues relevant for NCA Mali to improve its work.”

    Riborgh Knudsen
    Country Representative NCA Mali
  • “Karin exhibited integrity, orderliness and efficiency with all the tasks presented to her.”

    Jonathan Ortmans
    Executive Director PFI United States
  • “She impressed me as being a reliable and proactive person who always takes responsibility for her work and ensures that it is done well.”

    Awudu Zakaria
    Program Manager VSO Ghana
  • “Mme Karin Wilms a mis en place un modèle d’organisation (planification, suivi, rapportage) et des outils qui sont toujours en vigueur au sein de notre structure. Personnellement, elle a été une source d’inspiration pour moi dans ce domaine. Cela m’a valu d’être positivement apprécié par ma direction et favoriser mon ascension au sein de la structure.”

    Lassiné Sidibé
    Coordinateur de l’antenne de l'AEN Gao Mali
  • “Karin m’inspiré avec son énergie et son envie de développer des nouveaux outils et/ou stratégies. Cela est une grande source de motivation. Son esprit d’innover et le style de management inspirait toute l’équipe.”

    Mohamed Ag Inorene
    Wash Program Advisor NCA Mali


Other Services

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International Cooperation Consulting

Working together to ensure that development aid programs work optimally and sustainable change is realized.

Portfolio & program management (interim)

Creating a clear overview and providing continuity in managing large and complex programs.

Facilitating & Coaching

Creating ownership in the process, ensuring all actors are involved and feel heard.