Great talent finds happiness in execution. –J.W. von Goethe
Let me support you

to move in the direction you choose

My passion lies on the intersection of organizational development and development aid. I am intrigued by the question ‘how can we optimize development aid?’ and more specifically: ‘how can we improve systems, team dynamics and individual capacity in the field of International Cooperation? It’s great to have high-sounding development theories, but if the team in the field isn’t functioning well, achieving impact is difficult. And here I come in.


With two Masters and over thirteen years of experience in the field of International Cooperation, I have built a strong track record in implementing projects and managing large programs to improve the well-being of people in developing countries. Having lived in multiple countries (mostly African) I’m able to adjust to different contexts and can easily connect to people.


based in The Netherlands


creating unexpected connections


able to adjust quickly to new contexts


eye for the process, aiming for optimal results


flexible and ad hoc available


seeking to understand you better

How can I support you?

Individual - Team - Organizational level

I intervene on three levels. On the individual level through coaching and leadership training. On the team level through facilitation of workshops/ team-building days and team coaching. And on the organizational level through strategic visioning and portfolio/ interim management. At the heart of the intervention lies you, the client. Your needs and ambitions are leading in our cooperation. My role is to move you into the direction you choose to.

Now tell me, where do you want to go?

My value for you

  • Context analysis /

    Understanding the reality on the ground

  • Participatory process /

    Ensuring all actors are involved

  • Change management /

    Guiding organizations during change

  • Strategic vision /

    Long-term thinking

  • Portfolio management /

    Managing a variety of programs, projects & staff

  • Creating insight and ownership /

    Ensuring it is your process

My Portfolio

Some concrete examples of my work
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Smart solution for selling solar lanterns

MALI, Sikasso – In 2010 small solar lanterns were quite new on the Malian market. They can provide a handy solution in off-grid rural areas. Rural Energy Foundation Mali had built a stable network of solar retailers who were keen to sell these lanterns. But how to reach the customers in such dispersed areas?

Female students starting a business

GHANA, Bolgatanga – The Vocational Training Institute in Northern Ghana was mainly attended by female students, who were learning to become hairdresser, cook or dressmaker. Unfortunately not many jobs were available once the students had finished school. Therefore more emphasis was placed on the possibility to become an entrepreneur.

Visibility development aid project

MALI, Bamako – NCA funded about 30 development aid projects every year. However, NCA and their local partner organizations had difficulties to visualize this work. Besides the regular reports they were not used to communicate their projects in a readable fashion with high quality images. How to increase their visibility?

My Clients

Individuals, Companies & Non-Governmental Organizations


  • “As Manager of the Development Programs Department she coached four Program Advisors and was able to create a team spirit among them. Karin Wilms has impressed me as being a proactive person that can get work done within the set time-frame and ensuring that it is done well. She has the ability to get the best out of people she works with. She kept an eye on the more strategic issues relevant for NCA Mali to improve its work.”

    Riborgh Knudsen
    Country Representative NCA Mali
  • “The coaching sessions with Karin exceeded my expectations. I had thought that I would have nothing to talk about but I actually had a lot bottled in and Karin helped me to sort it out. I was continuously amazed by her capacity of not only listening to my words, but also the emotions and deeper meanings behind them. This coaching journey has made me more introspective and also gave me the strength and character to forgive myself for mistakes and the ability to learn from them.”

    Individual coachee, ReWork Inc.
  • “Karin has many skills that a development worker needs. She is able to adjust to the context easily and is able to build strong relations with the people around her. She is capable in finding those people who want to change and facilitates them in the direction they choose to go into. She impressed me as being a reliable and proactive person who always takes responsibility for her work and ensures that it is done well. She has excellent facilitation skills. I believe that Karin has proactively translated her academic knowledge well in development work and has a positive and realistic approach to work and colleagues.”

    Awudu Zakaria
    Program Manager VSO Ghana
  • “Karin coached me on presenting myself better during job interviews. She did this in a very pleasant, positive and motivating way. She stimulated me to think about what the company might be looking for and what my added value could be. She motivated me to identify my strengths and provided support so that I was able to articulate them well. These coaching sessions contributed to me finding a full-time job. Thank you Karin!”

    Jeroen de Goffau
    Coachee, The Netherlands
  • “Karin was assigned to advise and assist two of our clients in the areas of organizational development and expansion planning. She has accomplished her assignment to the complete satisfaction of our clients and ourselves. I would like to especially appreciate Karin’s level of professionalism and willingness to deliver high quality service within a tight schedule and challenging environment. I very much look forward to working with her.”

    Nahom F. Abraham
    Business Development Manager R&D Group
  • “Karin has the talent to listen without judgement. During our coaching sessions she encouraged me to look at myself honestly and place myself in the shoes of the other person. This resulted in me having more understanding, more patience and more insight.”

    Individual coachee
  • “Karin is a professional who has very good working relationships with her colleagues. She is a supervisor with a lot of energy and constructive ideas. She is able to provide clear directions and provide advice when needed. She is a good motivator, result oriented, reliable and full of integrity.”

    Hamidou Tangara
    Procurement Assistant UNOPS Mali
  • “Ms. Wilms has demonstrated a high level of quality in all aspects of her work. She was able to improve our operations, based on a good analysis combined with a hands‐on approach, and despite the relatively challenging working environment. She was further able to set up, organize and motivate an efficient team of local staff.”

    Willem Nolens
    CEO Solar Now
  • “Talking to Karin helped me enormously and enabled me to make a plan and take action, instead of feeling a helpless victim of the situation. As a coach, Karin is very good at holding up a mirror to someone and moving this person towards constructive action.”

    Individual coachee
  • “The coaching journey with Karin was very enlightening and empowering. There was a flow to it in which each session had its own value and meaning. Karin has the ability to provide and ask questions that helped me see things in different perspectives.”

    Individual coachee, ReWork Inc.
  • “I would like to recommend Karin’s superb coaching skills ! She has done an excellent job of supporting me one-on-one through the weird, wonderful and frequently scary process of launching my new training consultancy. This has involved immense patience and mindful listening on her part – particularly with the technical aspects of putting together a website. I received kind but clear guidance on how to promote myself and my business so that I now have a professional product I can be proud of.
    An intuitive facilitator, Karin knew just when to elicit/encourage and just when to make suggestions or have me look at things from a different perspective. This means I now have a product that is well-crafted and authentic. Thank you Karin.”

    Julia Emes
    Mindfulness Skills Training Provider at Mindfulness Unlimited
  • The workshop on team work and communication organized and facilitated by Karin.. ‘..was impressive’ ‘..was engaging and fun and at the same time I learned a lot’ ‘..was fantastic, simple and educative.’

    Participants NCA workshop
    NCA Ethiopia
  • “I happen to be a lucky person to share with Karin about my situation of often being in stress. She helped through personal coaching – one hour each for 5 days; and regular homework. I greatly benefited from the coaching, becoming able to better manage my stress. I found her approach well-structured and very professional with all the right tools, techniques, passion and energy. Though meditation is not new to me, I got a different meaning of it, after she taught me about “mindfulness”. Very practical and useful. So grateful to Karin!”

    Saroj Rai
    Coachee, Ethiopia
  • “Karin and [her Ethiopian colleague] Ayni are a great duo to facilitate cross-cultural teamwork sessions in Ethiopia. I highly recommend trusting your team to them and to facilitate a productive, safe and learning environment.”

    Participant workshop Dutch Embassy
  • “Mme Karin Wilms a mis en place un modèle d’organisation (planification, suivi, rapportage) et des outils qui sont toujours en vigueur au sein de notre structure. Personnellement, elle a été une source d’inspiration pour moi dans ce domaine. Cela m’a valu d’être positivement apprécié par ma direction et favoriser mon ascension au sein de la structure. Mme Karin a toujours été une personne fiable et responsable tant dans son travail que dans ses rapports avec ses collègues.”

    Lassiné Sidibé
    Coordinateur de l’antenne de l'AEN Gao Mali
  • “Karin exhibited integrity, orderliness and efficiency with all the tasks presented to her. It was a pleasure to have Karin in the office due to her good communication and social skills; she is a friendly and outgoing individual.”

    Jonathan Ortmans
    Executive Director PFI United States
  • The three-day workshop on Theories of Change (ToC) organized by Karin was.. ‘.. fruitful with lots of opportunities to interact and learn from each other’ ‘.. very interactive, engaging and participatory’ ‘.. very informative and enabled me to write my part of the strategy with sufficient information’

    Participants workshop NCA
  • “Although the coaching journey with Karin was quite brief, it held interesting and sometimes key insights that allowed me to break through barriers I had. Karin’s coaching strengths are here ability to key into feelings and emotions that I was unable to express at the time, as well as reframe certain challenges in a meaningful way.”

    Individual coachee, ReWork Inc.
  • The team building workshop organized by Karin and her Ethiopian colleague was.. ‘.. very impressive’ ‘.. thought –provoking’ ‘ with a lot of content’ ‘.. beyond expectations’ ‘..inspiring.’

    Participants workshop Dutch Embassy
  • “She has a confident, vibrant personality that will ensure that she will always be able to add value to any organization or institution that she may choose to associate with. Karin is an energetic, focused and open person who was quickly assimilated into the DDP [South African] team.”

    Dr. Rama Naidu
    Executive Director DDP South Africa
  • “Le travail avec Karin était bien organisé avec des taches et des responsabilités claires. Elle a la capacité de gestion d’équipe avec l’organisation d’activités de team building. Karin gère les équipes basé sur les résultats et les capacités de chaque membre de équipe. Les qualités de Karin en tant que manager est qu’elle a une très bonne organisation du travail, elle est très disponible et elle a une ouverture d’esprit par rapport à des idées d’innovation. Karin est énergique avec une capacité de voyager dans des zones difficiles d’accès et rurales. Elle a une très bonne capacité d’adaptation et très sociable. Elle fonctionne bien dans des situations de stress. Karin m’inspiré avec son énergie et son envie de développer des nouveaux outils et/ou stratégies. Cela est une grande source de motivation. Son esprit d’innover et le style de management inspirait toute l’équipe.”

    Mohamed Ag Inorene
    Wash Program Advisor NCA Mali
  • “The coaching sessions with Karin completely shifted how I view coaching and has opened the possibility where I can be my own solution.”

    Individual coachee, ReWork Inc.
  • “Karin has excellent skills to bring all participants on the same page. The [Theory of Change] workshop met its initial goal very well.”

    Participant workshop NCA
  • “Karin demonstrates the qualities that you look for in your team. She is a highly dedicated professional, diligent, and reliable. She is easy to work with – as she enthusiastically welcomes any suggestions for improvement.”

    Abai Schulze
  • “She was an asset to our organization; the Department of community development in the Upper East Region of Ghana is still benefiting from what she was able to accomplish.”

    Fati Alhassan
    National Director at the Department of Community Development Ghana
  • “Karin gave us her full heart to understand us. When coaching us, I admired the way she handled us as a team.” …. “I’m impressed by the listening skills of Karin, and the way she rephrased the exact idea of the team during the coaching sessions.”

    Team members Progynist