Female students starting a business

No jobs

The challenge

GHANA, Bolgatanga – The Vocational Training Institute in Northern Ghana was mainly attended by female students, who were learning to become hairdresser, cook or dressmaker. Unfortunately not many jobs were available once the students had finished school. Therefore more emphasis was placed on the possibility to become an entrepreneur.

Increase in confidence

The solution

Following the Junior Business Approach I gave the students entrepreneurship classes where they learned how to set up a business, how to divide the different roles and responsibility, how to do their marketing and what attitude is needed to succeed. I found that girls in this society were often underestimated, and by focusing on increasing their self-esteem, they started to believe in themselves too.


Excellent God Chips

The results

A group of 20 students joined forces and started a business, called ‘Excellent God Chips’. They baked their own chips on the school premises, packaged them and sold them on the streets. They made a small profit after two weeks. All students were very enthusiastic and this project gave them an enormous boost in their self-regard.