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To deliver high quality products or services in the domain of International Cooperation, it is essential that projects and programs are continuously followed up. Unfortunately it is not uncommon in this sector that a gap arises, for instance because a contract ends and it takes time to find a replacement. Or because an employee needs to leave the country on a short notice and the organization does not have enough capacity to instantly cover this vacuum. With my broad profile and my experience as a portfolio manager, I will be able to fill the gap in your organization.

Management skills

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During my six years of management experience in the non-profit sector, as a program manager I was responsible for a team of 7 people and a variety of programs, ranging from Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Women Empowerment, Secure Livelihoods and Peace and Reconciliation. This translated in a total of 40 projects and a yearly budget of 3 million euro. I was able to lead the team through a period of insecurity in Mali in 2011-2012, when there was a coup d’état in the capital city and rebellion in the Northern region. My analytical strength helps me to quickly understand new programs and its context. By working effectively I can assure deadlines are met and high level of quality will be delivered.

Making others blossom

Good to know

I have a supportive managerial style. By asking what my staff needs I am able to provide them with the necessary tools to develop themselves and excel in their work. By providing space for all staff members a team spirit is created. I am based in East-Africa and so I can move quickly to where the needs are in this region.

Others about me

  • “Ms. Wilms has demonstrated a high level of quality in all aspects of her work. She was able to improve our operations, based on a good analysis combined with a hands‐on approach, and despite the relatively challenging working environment. She was further able to set up, organize and motivate an efficient team of local staff.”

    Willem Nolens
    CEO Solar Now
  • “As Manager of the Development Programs Department she coached four Program Advisors and was able to create a team spirit amongst them. She kept an eye on the more strategic issues relevant for NCA Mali to improve its work. Karin Wilms has impressed me as being a proactive person that can get work done within the set time-frame and ensuring that it is done well. She has the ability to get the best out of people she works with.”

    Riborgh Knudsen
    Country Representative NCA Mali
  • “Karin aime innover les façons de gérer les Programmes et fixe leur bilans annuels et pluri-annuels.”

    Baba Diabate
    Peace Program Advisor NCA Mali
  • “Mme Karin Wilms a mis en place un modèle d’organisation (planification, suivi, rapportage) et des outils qui sont toujours en vigueur au sein de notre structure. Personnellement, elle a été une source d’inspiration pour moi dans ce domaine. Cela m’a valu d’être positivement apprécié par ma direction et favoriser mon ascension au sein de la structure.”

    Lassiné Sidibé
    Coordinateur de l’antenne de l'AEN Gao Mali
  • “Les qualités de Karin en tant que manager est qu’elle a une très bonne organisation du travail, elle est très disponible et elle a une ouverture d’esprit par rapport à des idées d’innovation. Le travail avec Karin était bien organisé avec des taches et des responsabilités claires. Elle a la capacité de gestion d’équipe avec l’organisation d’activités de team building. Karin gère les équipes basé sur les résultats et les capacités de chaque membre de équipe.”

    Mohamed Ag Inorene
    Wash Program Advisor NCA Mali


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