Female entrepreneur realizes dream

Ambitious dressmaker

The challenge

GHANA, Bolgatanga – A dressmaker in Northern Ghana had quite some clients locally, but wanted to think bigger. We became friends and she mentioned she wanted to attend the SIAO, an international arts and crafts fair that is held once every two years in Burkina Faso. Unfortunately she lacked financial support to be able to be present.

Making the connection

The solution

Visiting her shop regularly to greet her, just sit and chat a bit, we established a trustworthy relation. As I understood her needs I was able to connect them to the regional possibilities. To be able to attend the SIAO, a fee needed to be paid. Luckily there was a local organization in Bolgatanga working with local entrepreneurs ready to pay this for her.



The results

By attending the SIAO, the dressmaker had an inspiring international experience, realizing that life is totally different only a 4 hour drive away. She increased her sales, and was able to buy international products that she could sell in Bolgatanga and Accra. She was inspired to make different types of clothing than she was used to which attracted more customers to her shop.