Facilitating fundraising process

School in dilapidated state

The challenge

GHANA, Bolgatanga – The Vocational Training Institute in Northern Ghana was not getting any financial support from the government and was struggling with their infrastructure (lack of benches, study materials, mosquito nets, etc). So there was an urgent need to raise external funds.

Getting all actors involved

The solution

Arriving at the institute and asking them what they needed, their answer was: money. A committee was created with different actors linked to the school (teachers, students, director) to come to a clear consensus on how they wanted to spend it. Rather than doing the fundraising in isolation, I involved them in every step, from writing the proposal to sending emails and visiting the potential donors.


Receiving financial support

The results

It was a long process that took over 1.5 years. Eventually the school received 100 000 dollar for rehabilitation of the school premises. In addition 5 brand new computers were donated and the computer teacher received a full time contract. The local government also contributed financially, assuring that this project was embedded in the regional development plans.