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Less than 10% of Sub-Saharan African rural households have access to electricity. The causes for this situation range from lack of funding to sub-optimal policies and electrification program designs. Solar energy is a concrete solution that will improve productivity and the quality of life while reducing pollution. Needed is the engagement of the community, accessibility to high quality solar products and skilled chain development.

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In Mali I worked towards setting up a commercial and sustainable chain of solar energy aiming at rural electrification in order to achieve economic development, resulting in a stable network of 25 retailers. With a team of five people we provided training on marketing, business and solar techniques to local solar entrepreneurs. In Timbuktu I managed a solar project where a sustainable solar system was set up through local partner organizations.

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Solar energy is smart. It is concrete. It is visible. It is a bright solution to a complex problem. One can see the results instantly and provides long-term sustainable change. I am enthusiastic about this topic and ready to give all my energy to promote this type of renewable energy.

Others about me

  • “Karin has many skills that a development worker needs. She is able to adjust to the context easily and is able to build strong relations with the people around her. I believe that Karin has proactively translated her academic knowledge well in development work and has a positive and realistic approach to work and colleagues”

    Awudu Zakaria
    Program Manager VSO Ghana
  • “Karin Wilms has impressed me as being a proactive person that can get work done within the set time-frame and ensuring that it is done well. She has the ability to get the best out of people she works with”

    Riborgh Knudsen
    Country Representative NCA Mali
  • “Ms. Wilms has demonstrated a high level of quality in all aspects of her work. She was able to improve our operations, based on a good analysis combined with a hands‐on approach, and despite the relatively challenging working environment. She was further able to set up, organize and motivate an efficient team of local staff”

    Willem Nolens
    CEO Solar Now

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Management Consulting

By understanding the challenges organizations face, I can assist you to improve your services.

Portfolio & Program Management (interim)

With the experience of managing large programs, I can fill the gaps in your organization.

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Creating ownership in the process, ensuring all actors are involved and feel heard.